Flying Monkey

Monkey is about to get on the plane to Philly. It’s her fifth time on an airplane and she’s already blase about it.

I’ve always been nuts about airplanes. I’m old enough to remember the golden age of commercial aviation, the introduction of the 707. I remember a flight on Piedmont Airlines and being dissapointed that it was a prop plane and not one of the new jets. The stews were all good looking and handed out little pin on wings to the kids. In those days we walked out of the airport terminal (Did you know the airport word “gate” comes from an actual gate in the fence surrounding the airfield?) and up the rolling staircase. No TSA, no metal detector. The food sucked though, so today’s bring your own style is an improvement.

I even got to ride in the cockpit once on a 727. Try that today lone reader.

I shudder to think of the money being wasted on security theater now, but that’s a different post.

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