…and a good time was had by all.

Back from the beach.

Actually I was back yesterday, but the wheels fell off the bus while I was away from the project and Monday was spent collecting all the pieces and digging a hole to bury them in.

Ocean City, MD…   Nice beach.   Nice Boardwalk.

Monkey saw dolphins swimming in the ocean.   Wife saw lifeguards swimming in the ocean.

There was much sand castle building, wave tag playing, kite flying, mini-golf playing and excessive eating of boardwalk fare.

I packed up Wife and Monkey and put them on the plane from Philly to Dallas at 7:30 am.    They landed in Dallas at 6:oo pm.    DFW shut down due to storms and the plane had to land at Oklahoma City to refuel.  A perfect bookend to the beginning of the week when they were bumped from their flight to Philly because of overbooking, and had to wait for a standby for the last flight out.   A real nail biter.

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  1. MDLAWYER says:

    I’ve lived in Maryland all my life and not once seen any dolphins @ ocean city maryland. I think I am unlucky :-(.