iPhone – First Day

Yes, it is that great.

PC World has already done a stress test on an iPhone, and it’s passed with flying colors. The interface is better than the hype and the screen is just beautiful. I’ve only come across three things that are less than stellar, and all are well known.

Edge is slow. Yes it is, get over it. I had a HTC-6700 prior to this and almost never used it for web access. (that’s what my EVDO card is for) But I did use it for email, weather and stocks, which is exactly what the iPhone does well.

Virtual keyboard. I almost never used the built in keyboard on my 6700, I used the virtual one. The iPhone’s is just different enough (and with a finger, not stylus) that my text speed is way down. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Third party apps. Come on Apple, you’re going to have to give on this one. The iPhone is to great to be so limited and web apps aren’t going to cut it.

Wish list:

1. Ebook reader. (Mobipocket, Ereader, isilo) Then I can absolutely ditch my WINCE PDA.

2. GPS. I suspect GPS is in the phone. How about tying it into the wonderful Google Maps? Duh. (If there’s no GPS chipset in the phone… DUH!) Then I can ditch my WINCE PDA.

3. Spreadsheet. I can live without a word equivalent, but I use little mini spreadsheets all the time. Then I can ditch my WINCE PDA. (Do you see a pattern here lone reader?)

I really, REALLY want to stop using my WINCE PDA, but without real third party apps, I can’t.

Even with those problems and only one day into the iPhone, I can say that it is absolutely the best phone I’ve ever had.

Way to go Apple, another hit. Thanks.

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