Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: I Want My Money Back

Of the four movies I’ve seen in a theater recently, (The others were Ratatouille, Live Free Or Die Hard & Transformers) only the latest Harry Potter left me feeling ripped off. I haven’t left a movie wishing I had my money and time back since Astronaut Farmer.

It didn’t help that the print in theater 9 of the AMC Lowes Cherry Hill looked like a bad VHS tape copy with Macrovision artifacts.

It also didn’t help that the main speaker sounded like a Leslie.

Its axiomatic that a book based movie can never be as good as the book, but Order Of The Phoenix was, in addition, boring and disjointed. Major plot elements from the book are missing, and what did make it into the movie was banal and pointless. The special effects, what few there were, looked horrible. If you haven’t seen it already: Don’t Bother.   See Ratatouli or Transformers again or wait a week and see the Simpsons.

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