Three Hours On A Plane…

… on the ground.

Friday evening, American flight 815 to DFW pulled away from the gate, drove clear of the parking area and then turned the engines off and sat for three hours “waiting for the weather to clear.”

American had another on time departure. Woot. We weren’t the only ones sitting there. According to the pilot, air traffic control was only allowing Eastbound flights to take off. The taxiways looked like an airplane parking lot.

What made it special is that the front was four hours away when we parked. Then when it was even closer, less than an hour away we took off, flew over the storms and headed for Dallas. Now I’m not a pilot, but I sure wish someone would explain to me how it’s better to take off and fly through the front when it’s closer?

And the double extra special part? My seat wouldn’t recline. But the one in front of me sure did.

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