New Dog

My wife recently bought another dog. Usually we get our dogs from a shelter, pick up strays or inherit them from someone else. A few years ago our neighbor died and we “took over” his two dogs, both of which had one foot in the grave. Wife has a soft heart for strays and if I didn’t hold fast to the “no more than four dogs at a time” rule our yard, though large, would be overrun.

The down side to strays and shelter dogs is that there is usually something wrong with them. They’ve been abused or neglected and usually have emotional problems and trust issues. We love them all, but most of them are dumber than a box of rocks.

This is the first dog we’ve ever had that was bought as a puppy from a breeder and boy is he smart. He’s only three months old but he’s already mastered leash walking and basic commands, like sit and stay. (If you don’t find that incredible, you haven’t tried to train the dullards I’ve had.)

New Dog

Of course, Wife didn’t think about how Siberian Husky would deal with Texas summer.

I think he’s going to be an indoor dog about half the year. He seems to like the futon in my office.

UPDATE:  Monkey named him Bandit.   She thinks he’s a wolf.

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  1. john w says:

    Absolutely great looking dog. They are very smart and trainable. Most don’t bark but make an almost “talking” yowl. I love the breed so much I have a website about them.

    You will love this dog.