Philly Project Winding Down

Busy Busy Busy.

The Philly WiFi project is winding down. I might be here in October or I might not, it’s up in the air. There are some tower sites as yet unleased and this late in the game I doubt Earthlink will build them out. We’ll see… Motorola has let go all but three field engineers on the project, so while there is less to do, there are fewer people to do it. In September I’ll have been a year on the project. Sorry Philadelphia, I won’t miss you.

On the Plus side, the Tropos mesh radios work better than I expected on this scale (100+ square miles of coverage). On the other hand, if you’re building a municipal WiFi network I wouldn’t rely on using part 15 radios for 100% of the back haul from your mesh gateways.

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