Election Follies

With Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee for the Democrats, that leaves the interesting race this year to the Republicans.

Giuliani is smells too much like a Rockefeller Republican. A RINO can’t beat Hillary, and Giuliani’s 2nd Amendment history makes him a non-starter for a large part of the country.

Romney is a Mormon and I couldn’t care less about that. However, it matters to a lot of people and that makes it a negative. He’s also a RINO who supported anti-gun laws in Massachusetts. Another non-starter.

Thompson, because of his acting career, begins to approach Hillary’s name and face recognition. Unfortunately he supported McCain-Feingold. Of the front runners he’s the least odious.

McCain. Campaign Finance Reform. He might as well quit now.

Every time Ron Paul opens his mouth he says something I agree with. His stance against the war in Iraq alienates a lot of Republicans.

So how would these candidates fare against Hillary Clinton?

Giulani vs Clinton: Clinton wins.

Romney vs Clinton: Clinton wins.

Thompson vs Clinton: ?

McCain vs Clinton: Clinton wins.

Paul vs Clinton: Clinton wins.

I think Paul is very unlikely to win the republican nomination and even if he did his anti-war stance will throw a lot of votes to Hillary Clinton who is turning out to be not so anti-war. That’s a shame because I like where he stands economically and socially.

A RINO candidate will fracture the already shaky Republican party, and guarantee a Clinton win.

I think Thompson has the best chance to win against Clinton, if he can win the Republican nomination.

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