Leopard time out

When I pre-ordered Leopard (using my $100 Apple store credit, Thanks Steve!) I had it delivered to my house in Texas. Why not have it delivered to me in Philadelphia? (Meatspace location: Across from the garbage dump on Milnor next to the Delaware River, just down the street from Caveman’s bridge, in a warehouse cleverly disguised to NOT look like a building fit for human habitation.)

You see, I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist installing right away. I’ve always done it with Linux… Whatever distro came out today, I’m installing it on my notebook tonight. And inevitably, something, or several somethings, break. This is my first OS upgrade since switching to Apple for my daily computing needs and, if anything, the upgrade jones is worse.

Since I’m aware of my weakness, I had Leopard sent to my house knowing I wouldn’t be there until next weekend and allowing for an enforced week to see what critical thing breaks for other users before I ride the upgrade roller coaster.

I’m so smart.

So now I’m sitting here trying to talk myself down from going to the Apple store tonight and buying a copy just so I can install it now.

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