Getting used to carrying again.

The Northeast being what is is, I didn’t carry for the last 14 months. Granted, because of reciprocity I would have been alright in Pennsylvania but the City of Brotherly Love considers itself above the state law and frowns mightily on civilians carrying legally. (Evidence suggests they don’t mind illegal carrying, body count being what it is.) Also, my hotel was in New Jersey, and I’ve mentioned before what happens if you carry from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.

Now that I’m back home , I’m getting back into the habit. (I’ve also made a new year’s resolution to join the IDPA and attend regular matches.)

Of course being 20+ pounds lighter than the last time helps a little. I discovered I can wear my Sig P245 in a CTAC under a regular t-shirt without printing. I couldn’t do that a year ago. That’s important because in Texas, unless you’re in the Panhandle, it’s usually t-shirt weather. You can get away with a light jacket in the fall and winter, but who wants to sweat?

On the down side, the range near my house, Backwoods Traps on 380 is no more. The Collin County range in McKinney is gone too. Development, rising land prices and NIMBYs strike again. Now the closest range is in Greenville, over an hour away.

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