Random gun stuff

I just saw on teh Intertubes, the SWD M11 I paid $600 for ten years ago is going for $5000 now.

Of course without the market distorting machine gun ban in the Firearm Owners “Protection” Act of 1986, that SMG would be worth about $250 new on a good day.

I would gladly give up any future value and eat what I paid for it for the ability to buy new machine guns at their real price again. And while I’m wishing, get rid of that whole NFA thing too. Maybe the Parker/Heller case that’s in the Supreme Court now will get the ball rolling on that.

Yesterday I ordered some X-Grip magazine extenders. They’re supposed to let you use 8 round SIG P220 mags in a SIG P245. After watching an IDPA club match yesterday, I don’t think the standard six round magazines have enough capacity. I could (and probably will on occasion) use the Para-Ordinance P14 .45 Limited, but I normally carry the Sig so I want to practice more with that. Look for a review in the future.

Speaking of SMGs… I need a new recoil buffer for my M11. Does anyone else think it’s insane to pay $6 – $12 for a little square of urethane? I think I’ll do a little experimenting and cut my own. I’ll have to shoot the SMG a lot to test different buffer materials. (As if I needed an excuse.)

You know you’re true machine gun owner when the prospect of spending thousands of dollars in ammo to test buffers in order to save $12 makes total sense.

Monkey asked me to make her a wooden toy gun last week. You have no idea how happy I am.

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