When is a cell phone like a gun?

When you’re a student in New York City.

New York’s cell phone confusion for students is similar to what CHL holders face daily. Students in New York public schools can carry their phones to school, but they can’t take them into the buildings. Likewise, concealed carry licensees can carry to work but virtually ALL employers ban guns inside the workplace. Most have language in employee handbooks that also ban them in the parking lots, so CHL holders that leave their guns in cars while at work still face potential job loss.

How do you reconcile the property rights of businesses, with the employee’s right to self defense?

In my opinion, property rights are secondary to the right to self defense. We already limit property rights for other less important reasons. Environmental regulations, the American’s with Disabilities Act and other laws limit property rights. In the last few years we’ve seen what happens when you create victim disarmament zones (popularly known as “gun free zones”). From Columbine to Virginia Tech, people who weren’t allowed the means to defend themselves have been slaughtered.

In the near future, a business operating a gun free zone is going to face a huge judgment for failing to protect people on it’s premises. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.

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