2nd IDPA

Today I shot my 2nd IDPA match.

I love my Sig P245. It’s a fine gun, that performs flawlessly. Unfortunately I’m left handed, one of the most discriminated against minorities in the world. I can’t effectively operate the slide release with my left hand and I have to reposition slightly to release the magazine. Also, the first DA trigger pull is just too much of a liability. That gave the P245 three strikes and I decided to try something else.

This time I used the Para-Ordinance P14-45 Limited. It’s a 1911 model .45 set up with an ambidextrous safety and I can release the slide without changing my grip. I am also more accurate with a 1911 although you wouldn’t know it from how I shot today. I made the mistake of trying to speed things up which made accuracy suffer. I also made a procedural error, apparently in IDPA you can’t shoot while holding a magazine.

Next weekend I’ll use the Para-Ord. again and try to slow down.

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