XD .40 in the Saturday IDPA match

I used my new XD .40 in the IDPA match Saturday.

I’ve only put a thousand or so rounds through it so far so I’m not as good with it yet as I am with a 1911, but it has potential. It’s light on recoil and seems a little faster on cycle time than my Para-Ordinance, but that may just be perception.

It shoots a little lower than I’d like. I suppose I could get used to it, but I’ve learned in IDPA that you don’t have time to think about each shot. Usually my groups are tight enough not to matter, but I got an occasional low flyer that added a point. One shot broke the bottom line of the head on a Mozambique… Another sixteenth of an inch and it would have been a miss.

I bore sighted the XD when I got it and noticed it was low then, but I didn’t think it would matter as much as it did.

One thing I’ve learned from being an IDPA newbie is that the stress of multiple targets, movement and timing do weird things to your shooting. If you have a concealed carry license, I highly recommend shooting an IDPA match or two even if you don’t want to make it a regular thing. It will show you problems with your shooting that don’t show up if you’re just standing still, punching holes in paper at the range or knocking cans off the fence on the back forty.

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