New "gun" safe

I bought a new safe last week. Monkey knows not to touch a gun, it’s been drilled into her since before she could walk, but she has friends over and I don’t trust someone else’s kids not to do the wrong thing. I’ve had a big safe for the long guns for years, but I’ve been leaving my carry gun on a shelf above my desk when I’m at home. I found this one on Amazon. It’s bolted to the 3/4 inch plywood shelf backer which is fastened to the wall studs.

The electronic keypad allows fairly quick access, and while a knowledgeable burglar could probably defeat it, it will keep the riffraff out.


It’s similar to safes you find in hotels, and there’s room for six or more pistols, depending on how you want to stack them in.


I also bought this lock box for traveling. As much as I try, sometimes you can’t avoid leaving your gun in the truck. My truck’s been broken into twice in the last decade, fortunately I didn’t leave the pistol in it either time, but vehicles are NOT secure storage places for firearms.

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  1. It’s always best to keep guns in a safe because gunlocks don’t work and leaving them out with anyone around that may get to them is scary!