You pick the president

John Scalzi, one of my favorite authors, is having an editor imposed “blathering lockdown” while he completes a book. Instead of the usual voluminous blog posts, he’s posing questions for discussion in the comments.

The question for the day is:

“The Constitution has been amended to let YOU choose the next president! Personally! The catch: It can’t be someone who ever officially entered the 2008 presidential race (”officially” = On a ballot to date). Who do you choose? Real people, please, and all official restrictions (over 35, US native, alive) apply. Other than that, go nuts. Be as serious or as stupid as you like.”

My pick?

Taxpayer chosen at random.

Taxpayer, not tax credit receiver. They have to have PAID money to the IRS last year.

While we’re at it, pick the congress critters the same way. It couldn’t be worse than the way we do it now.

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