Airline Snow Follies

I should have known better than to take a flight that goes through Chicago this time of year. (or any time of year these days) You’d think I would have learned by now.

SNOW – SNOW – SNOW All day long snow.

And of course my flight to Pittsburgh (through Chicago) has already been canceled.

Helpfully, American booked me on the same flight Thursday. (My meeting is Thursday morning.) Thanks guys. Did you ever think that maybe I picked that date and time for a reason and maybe pick another flight that still gets me in Pittsburgh Wednesday night?

So after talking to an actual person at American, I’m on a different flight, back to DFW, then to Pittsburgh. I get there an hour later, but that’s better than a day later.

BTW, I don’t want to hear about another airline that’s supposedly better. Like cell phone companies, all airlines suck. You just have to pick the one that sucks least for you. Since I fly out of DFW, that means American.

Hey American, you can use that in advertising, I give it to you free.

“We’re American Airlines. We suck the least if you’re flying out of DFW!”

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