Nashville Miscellany

Of course, it’s cold, cloudy and rainy. It just follows me around the country.

I get to the stadium, get out of the car and see this:


Not the first bank, nor the second or third, but the “Fifth Third Bank.” The jokes almost write themselves.

Is there anything to do in Nashville that doesn’t involve Country Music? I was raised on a steady diet of Hee-Haw and the like, so I have a visceral negative reaction to the stuff. (I love Bluegrass though, go figure.) I hear there’s river boat gambling, but I’m good at math so gambling doesn’t appeal to me. It probably won’t matter, the way things are going I won’t have time to do anything non-work related anyway.

Like Southern California, where everyone is an actor or a scriptwriter, everyone in Nashville seems to be a singer or songwriter, or a singer/songwriter.

We met an Urban Outdoorsman outside the Downtown Hooters who, in a most serious voice, told us we needed to get coats because it would get cold tomorrow. I guess he stays on top of the weather. Must be a requirement in his line of work.

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0 Responses to Nashville Miscellany

  1. Kevin Clemmons says:

    up for a wifi project?

  2. alan says:

    It’s a project for the NFL. Using wireless tablets to replace the sideline printer system.