It's time to cash that reality check.

Poor Prince Jefri. Seems he may have misappropriated billions of dollars into his own pockets when he was the finance minister of Brunei.

One of his excuses?

“My civil list [government allowance] is only $20,000 U.S. per month. You can’t build a house for that.”

Now his brother, the Sultan wants it all back and lawsuits are raging all over the world to reclaim the assets.

Prince Jefri is worried about how he’s going to support his three wives, two ex-wives and eighteen children and he’s afraid he’ll have to declare bankruptcy.

It’s not that bad though, according to the WSJ article:

In return for the prince’s agreement to hand over nearly all of his wealth, the government pledged to let Prince Jefri keep an official and a private residence in Brunei, and agreed to set up a $200 million trust fund to cover certain of his liabilities, but not his living expenses.

Hey, Prince Jefri… Reality called, they want their check back. You’re clearly not using it.

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