I know it's counterintuitive, but…

…I noticed on the last course of fire at the previous match that I was a lot faster and more accurate on the close targets (< 5 yards) if I didn’t use the sights. (There were a lot of moving targets and steel plates. By the last COF, I was so far in the hole I just wanted it to be over so I didn’t use the sights.)

At the match last weekend, I didn’t use the sights at all, except for one target at 20 feet and a couple of steels. Strangely enough, my accuracy was better, and my time was MUCH faster. I suspect that I’ve been looking for a proper sight picture then rushing the shot which has been slowing me down AND hurting my accuracy.

They tell you in IDPA that accuracy counts more than speed, but thats only true if that zero down shot took less than a half second longer than the -1 would have.   I will gladly take the half second hit to avoid the one or two seconds it would take to get the zero.

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