It's a Texas Blizzard!

Snow twice in one week is rare for North Texas. Where I live we might get snow once in a winter. More often we get some sleet and ice.

Today we got a blizzard. Note the flags in the picture below.

Blizzard in Frisco Texas

This was my drive home from Monkey’s school. Traffic was moving at about five miles per hour. Now some of you Northern types might not think much of it, but to us here in Frisco, Texas, that’s a blizzard. People freak out if white stuff is falling from the sky. If it’s collecting on the ground it’s a crises. And the physics challenged drivers that didn’t run into something on Tuesday had their chance today.

Snow on TreeIt makes the trees pretty though. I got a solid four inches at the house and the Siberian Husky enjoyed himself immensely. The wiener dog, not so much. He was plowing a furrow in the snow with his body and was more than happy to spend the rest of the day inside. The labs were indifferent. They prefer to be outside, but they like their water in liquid form.

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