DVD – Absolute Garbage

It’s not garbage. Well, OK it IS Garbage, but the DVD isn’t…

Absolute Garbage DVD

If you’re a Garbage fan, the DVD “Absolute Garbage” is a must have. It’s got all the videos I used to wish iTunes had, plus a few I’ve never seen before. It also has an hour long behind the scenes bonus with a lot of camcorder footage from band members. It was released in the Summer of 2007, but I was tied up on an extended out of town assignment, and didn’t get around to ordering it until last weekend. Yes, I am slow.

You can go here to read about the specifics of the DVD. (And order it. Although I am an Amazon affiliate, that link is just to the native store. I get no money from this recommendation.)

I’ve always liked Garbage because all their music is good. They don’t release CDs with one or two good tracks and the rest made up with filler. I think their CDs are so good because three fourths of the group are exceptional record producers and sound engineers and the other fourth is just exceptional herself. (Shirley Manson is SO on my elevator list. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that I’m on hers.)

More Garbage history here if you’re interested.

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