DC v. Heller

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know it’s today.

CSPAN will replay it starting at 10:30 CDT (according to my DVR schedule).

SCOTUSblog will cover it as well.

I’m hooping for an individual right with strict scrutiny decision that will allow a court challenge to the 1986 machine gun ban. It’s insane that a stamped piece of metal that, at most, should cost about $250 sells for over $4,000 just because it was made before 1986. Yes I’m talking about my SWD M11. As I’ve said before, I’d gladly give up any gain in price I’ve seen over the last ten years on that M11 in order to buy a new machine gun at a rational price. (Then we can talk about the insane cost of ammo these days.)

UPDATE: CSPAN is showing a panel on the case now.

UPDATE: I’m disappointed that Gura keeps saying that the 2nd amendment wouldn’t apply to machine guns.

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