I must not be white…

…because I don’t like 90% of the stuff listed on this blog.

  • Dinner parties… Nope.
  • St. Patrick’s Day… No.
  • Gay Friends… Don’t have any… That I know of.
  • Outdoor Performance Clothes… No.
  • Shorts… OK, yes on that one.
  • The Wire… No way.
  • T-Shirts. OK, I like t-shirts, but only if they’re obscurely geeky or have guns on them or are from some place I’ve visited.
  • Bad Memories of High School… OK, I didn’t particularly like High School, but it wasn’t totally miserable.
  • Hating Corporations… Nope.
  • Graduate School… Missed that one.
  • The Idea of Soccer… I don’t care what you call it, it’s stupid.
  • Modern Furniture… No way.
  • Multilingual Children… Well Monkey’s growing up in Texas, so she’s learning Spanish. Anything else is just stupid.
  • Musical Comedy… Nope. If it’s not on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour it’s not funny.
  • Bottles of Water… Now that IS stupid.
  • Moving to Canada… My sister married a Canadian. Sometimes I talk to her, but not more than once every few years to see if she’s still alive.
  • Oscar Parties… No.
  • Gentrification… Not only no, but HELL NO. I live out in the country for a reason. (Although Frisco is growing up around me, I’m still not living inside a city limits.)
  • Study Abroad… Like vacationing, I’m not going anywhere that doesn’t have a Bill of Rights.
  • Being The Only White Person Around… I don’t even understand this one.

I’ll stop there, the list is exhaustive.

That’s two out of 20.

So I’m 90% not white.

Or does the one drop rule count here too?

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