BAG Day – Five Days Early

Since I’ll be in gun hating Baltimore on the official BAG Day (Buy A Gun Day – April 15th), I decided to celebrate a few days early this year.

I moseyed over to a local merchant of death and picked up a Springfield XD Sub Compact in .40 S&W. I’ve been liking it’s big brother for several months now, but I thought I’d get the summer weight version since it’s shorts and t-shirt weather around here for the next eight months.

The usual junk is included, a trigger lock (pitched into the trash) and fired brass (also into the trash). It also comes with a slide holster (which does me no good because I’m not right handed) a magazine holder (not too bad) and a cleaning brush. If this was your first pistol, it gets you the basics right away. I’ll use my C-T.A.C. IWB holster though.

I was tempted to play hooky this afternoon and hit the range, but I’ve got a lot of work stuff to get through before I’m traveling again next week, so live fire is delayed until Saturday.

One thing I’ve noticed from dry firing it, the trigger is better than the other XD. There’s less drag and the break is crisper. It will be interesting to see what a few hundred rounds will do for it.

I went ahead and paid a little extra for the model with the Trijicon night sights. It’s Radioactive! (Always a plus)

I really like the TFOs I put on the other XD, but it was a HUGE pain getting the factory sights off and the TFOs on so this way I don’t have to go through that process.

Oh, and Sorry California Residents

You’re masters won’t allow you to buy this sweet little pistol because it comes with a dreaded twelve round magazine. I’d move.

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