Why Students (and everyone else) Need Guns

Larry Correia (Monster Hunter International) has a must read post where he schools a University of Oklahoma student on the facts of life.

Well here’s your problem right here. I FEEL SAFE. The sad fact is, you can get shot at any time. If I was a bonafide psychopath, dedicated to getting my 15 minutes of fame by shooting up a college, I would do it. A real bad guy could walk right into your classroom, and shoot you, and there’s just about nothing you could do about it…

It’s a beautiful thing.

I see concealed carry kinda like vaccines. The more people do it, the more effective it is. Occasionally there’s a bad reaction, but it’s an overwhelming benefit to everyone else. If you don’t want to inoculate yourself against the bad guys, that’s your problem. Just don’t stop me from getting one because you’re scared of it.

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