Baltimore Today – Newark Tomorrow

I’m in Baltimore, MD today. Fortunately American finished up the MD80 inspections so no canceled flights. Tomorrow I’ll be DRIVING to Newark because it’s faster to drive than to fly from BWI to Newark. One reason: The rental car shuttle said to plan on TWO HOURS to turn in the car and get to the airport terminal. Heck, I can be in New Jersey within two hours.

Here’s the lovely view from my hotel room:

I did make it over to the harbor, apparently ALL the restaurants in Baltimore are at the waterfront. With no parking.

I ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. How’s that for local flavor? My waitress was Leeza , from Ukraine. She said she was over here learning English and teaching Russian. I had a semester of Russian WAY BACK in college, but other than the basic alphabet and a few words, it’s all gone now. Fortunately she was better at English than I am at Russian so I didn’t have to embarrass myself.

Of course since there is a harbor, there are ships, and I already have a ticket to tour the USS Constellation AND I’ve been promised a spot on the gun crew for a live fire exercise if I can make it there by 11:45 AM.


I’m also taking the time to visit Fort McHenry.

More pictures later.

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