AM/FM Radio Weirdness

I stopped listening to the AM/FM radio while driving five years ago. The commercials were driving me crazy. Some stations had 20 minutes of commercials in a half hour. So I started listening to MP3s on my Axim, and later got an iPod. Worst case I put in a CD if there’s no AUX jack.

Standard procedure on the truck is to clean it out completely before dropping it off for service. I almost always turn up a few stray rounds or a magazine that slid under the seat. Not to mention removing any pistols from the lock box. So today, when I picked up the truck from the mechanic, I didn’t have my audio cable so no iPod on the way home.

“No problem,” I thought, “I’ll just listen to the radio.”

Every preset except the one for WRR was playing something different than it did five years ago.

It was freaky.

They had changed formats or call letters or both. At first I thought someone had changed the buttons, but no, the frequencies were all still the same.

The radio world had changed while I wasn’t listening.

I realized at that moment that FM radio was dead to me. I still listen to AM news, it’s on the alarm clock in the morning, but that’s mostly just habit. I’ve been eying some of those iPod alarm clocks and I’ll probably make the switch eventually.

If a radio station broadcasts and no one hears it, does it still suck?

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