MBP interruptus

Saturday night my MacBook Pro froze, then after the six second power off, refused to boot.

I tried all the troubleshooting tricks, but no luck.

The Genius at the Apple Store said it was the hard drive. I told him it wasn’t because it wouldn’t boot off the DVD or an external drive either. It turns out it was the logic board, not the hard drive.

So since I was at the Apple Store anyway (and going out of town on Monday) I bought a new MBP with the spiffy LED screen. I needed a new one anyway and even though the old one is still under Apple Care warranty, it’s over two years old and it was a first gen MBP. The new one was cheaper and faster with a better screen and a bigger hard drive.

I thought about getting a MacBook, but I hate the glossy screens. Plus there’s no Express Card slot.

I’ll either put the old one up for sale of keep it as a back up. I haven’t decided yet

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