I Has A Kindle

I broke down and bought one, so now Amazon can go ahead and announce the new model.

Photo from the MBP’s iSight camera. The screen is like a paperback book, a little gray but it’s very easy to read.

I’ve been reading books on a Dell Axim X50v for five years now, and on Palm devices since 1998 so ebooks aren’t new to me. I won’t bother with a review because there are already too many out there. You’re either an ebook reader or you’re not and nothing I’ll say here will change that, nor would I want to. So far I really like it. The only negative, if you can call it that, is that I’m going to have to get used to reading at night with the light on. The X50v has its own back light so I don’t need to turn on another light to read with it. More of a difference than a negative, but there is a certain convenience to having a built in light. I guess I can always go back to using a flashlight under the covers.

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