Stop Drop N Skank – New CD Recommendation

Stop Drop N Skank is a Ska/Punk band from Toronto that I heard about, and fell in love with a year ago. Unfortunately they didn’t have a CD at the time, and the only way I could hear their music, not being in Toronto, was on their MySpace page. A few months ago they made a CD, but were only selling it at shows. Again a problem because I live near Dallas, and so far my travel and their concert dates haven’t intersected.

As soon as the CD came out I started pestering them about buying it. They had a little trouble setting up distribution but, in a very cool move, Stefan from the band sent me a link where I could DL MP3s from the CD.

Now the CD is available from Interpunk and you can download the songs from iTunes. The iTunes downloads are 256kbps, DRM free!

I grew up listening to the Sex Pistols, Black Flag, The Dead Kennedys and The Ramones, (among others) and although I’m now very much of an untrustworthy age, I still like the punk sound. SDS reminds me of what The Ramones might have sounded like if they had been a Ska band.

The brass section makes my toes curl, especially on Ritalin Rock. I just wish brass had been this cool back when I played trombone in school.

Get the CD, all the tracks are great.

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