Notes From The Zombie Apocalypse

(WordPress ate this post…   It was there earlier, then when I just checked, it was gone except for the first few words.   Do you think zombies are eating it? – Alan)

I just had a most awesome Zombie Apocalypse dream

I was sniping zombies from a 3rd or 4th story window with a suppressed AR15.

It was daytime, but it wasn’t a full on “Omega Man” style target environment, more like 20% zombie with plenty of normal people out and about.   Although I had a spotter with me, target selection was a challenge.  You’d be surprised how much some otherwise normal people look like they might be zombies.  (Or maybe not.)

I quickly ran out of .223, but switched to a .22 LR upper and kept going.   Shooting zombies is remarkably fun.

Lessons learned:

1. Zombies are extremely sensitive to head shots.  Any kind of bullet in the brain will take them out.

2. Be sure of your target.  You can’t be sure it’s a zombie just because it walks funny.

3. No matter how much ammo you have, it’s not enough for a zombie apocalypse.

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