Big Ass Fans

When I was at Dolphins Stadium last week I noticed these huge fans all over the place.

I said, “Look at those big ass fans.”

Upon closer examination, I discovered the fan manufacturer has achieved perfect brand recognition.

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0 Responses to Big Ass Fans

  1. DJK says:

    We have these at my gym… They’re GREAT!

  2. DJK says:

    Or should I say…. They kick ASS!

  3. rocinante says:


    The BAF gimme hat was *the* hot ticket at the 2005 CSI Show in Vegas. (That’s Construction Specification Institute, not that crime-pr()n TV show….)

  4. I’ve seen these in a couple of airports, too.

  5. Marcela Curran says:

    That’s funny! I’d probably say the same thing. They definitely have achieved the perfect brand recognition. And the fans are really great. I’ve actually worked with Big Ass Fans a bit, and their large ceiling fans are great.

    PS. Rocinante, when I saw the “CSI Show in Vegas” post, I got excited. I love that show! Ha, but I realized you weren’t talking about the show as I kept reading on..but the fans are definitely great, though..