A Tale Of AC Repairs, Packing Bags And Ceiling Fans

I’m packing my stuff for the visit to New Orleans. I’ll be leaving early in the morning to get out of DFW before the rush starts. I’ll be at the Superdome Thursday and then driving back Friday. I’m looking forward to the drive. It will be moderately long, but I’m betting it will be better than flying.

Got the upstairs AC fixed this afternoon, turned out to be a loose wire inside the outdoor unit. At $75 for the service call it’s the least expensive AC repair I’ve ever had.

I spent the rest of the afternoon putting up a new ceiling fan in #1 Daughter’s bedroom. It’s pink and has butterflies and flowers on it. (She picked it out.) I finished the “easy install” floor that wasn’t yesterday so the only thing left to do in her room is the bead board wainscot and the molding. I should be able to do that next weekend.

Hey, I didn’t say it was a long tale or even a good one. -Alan

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