Is The Economy Bad?

No, No, Bad Economy! (Economy hangs its head in shame, and looks at what it did to the new carpet.)

Ok, the “Economy” isn’t a dog, but to misquote a famous dog trainer, there aren’t any bad economies, just inexperienced owners.

Via Instapundit, Nic Duquette asks If the Economy Is So Bad, Why Isn’t It Worse?.

It’s a very good question.

I don’t see a recession. I see high gas prices, and I see food costs increasing, but I also see the value of the Dollar decreasing and exports are increasing. But like the bumper sticker says, “Shit Happens”.

Might I suggest that the Economy isn’t, in fact, bad at all?

We’re still at full employment, polls say consumer confidence is down, but people are still buying cars and TVs. Growth in consumer spending may have decreased, but overall spending hasn’t decreased, so people still have money to spend on useless crap.

That tells me the economy isn’t bad.

The MSM would like for you to believe the economy is bad, but they’ve been beating that drum for eight years now and I’m tired of it.

Now repeat after me, “What a good Economy!” (Economy wags tail.)

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