The Reality of Gun Control

(via The War On Guns)

Unarmed victims beaten, burned to death”

“Firearms Control Act forbids gun ownership, results in cold-blooded murder”

“An outbreak of xenophobic violence, also known as ethnic cleansing, has resulted in the murders of 56 people and forced thousands more to take shelter in camps, community halls and churches across South Africa – the victims are foreigners who are strictly forbidden from owning guns.”

“Ethnic Cleansing” is genocide. Call it what it is.

“Approximately 22,000 people are murdered annually in the country for being of another race, Eastes said. Some are killed because they own cars or $5 cell phones.”

“Five-year-old babies are raped and sodomised as a perceived traditional remedy for curing AIDS,”






That is the face of gun control.

Anyone who advocates gun control also wants robbery, assault, rape, murder and genocide.

It’s a package deal.

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