3G iPhone = Meh.

So, it’s an iPhone with 3G and GPS.

I have a GPS and the current Google Maps with triangulation is fine for when I’m not in the car and need directions to something. For the way I currently use my iPhone, EDGE works. Would I like more speed? Sure, but I use my iPhone for SMS, email when I’m away from my notebook, or the occasional web page and I’m not convinced that AT&T’s network can provide the promised speed improvement.

I was really hoping for more memory. 16 gigs is OK, but it’s not enough yet. I would like my iPhone to replace my notebook as my primary personal music storage, and that’s going to need at least 32 gigs. Maybe they’ll upgrade later in the year like they did when they bumped the first iPhone to 16 gigs and dropped the 4 gig model.

I saw nothing in the WWDC coverage that indicates the new model has any advantage over the original in support for iPhone 2.0 OS and applications. It has the same screen and accelerometer so no reason to upgrade there.

Of Course I’ll Buy One. Maybe later in the year, because there’s just no compelling reason to upgrade yet.

UPDATE: I also didn’t see any mention of opening up Bluetooth to additional devices.

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