Wanted: More Comments in the Blogosphere!

I can’t speak for other bloggers.

What the heck, I’ll speak for them too.

Do you know what bloggers want even more than links?    COMMENTS!

(The links are nice too.)

Even on blogs that get thousands of visits a day (I’m lucky to get a few 10’s… sniff, wipes tear) I routinely see posts with few or no comments.

Come on people, why do you think we do this?

If you don’t comment on our posts it hurts our fwagile wittle egos.

So click those comment links and fire off a few words.   Even if it’s just a “LOL” or an Instapunditian “heh”, it’s better than silence.

Thanks for your support.

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0 Responses to Wanted: More Comments in the Blogosphere!

  1. Peter says:

    +1 from another blogger.

  2. LOL heh…

    happy now?? 🙂

    I especially like comments from people I read because I’m so shocked they actually have read my blog.