Gun Control "Wins" the Tyrant Mugabe Another Election

Via Old Insty, in an article from the AP that I can’t quote…

So I searched Google news and found one in the New York Times I can quote.

This is the evil result of gun control:

Only five days before Zimbabwe’s presidential runoff election, the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai announced Sunday that he was pulling out of the race because armed forces backing President Robert Mugabe have made it clear that anyone who votes for Mr. Tsvangirai faces a real possibility of being killed.

At a news conference, Mr. Tsvangirai, who leads the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, or M.D.C., said he was unwilling to ask the party’s supporters to go to the polls on Friday “when that vote will cost them their lives.”

Robert Mugabe has turned Zimbabwe into a hell hole, and he was able to do it because of gun control.

Remember folks, anyone who advocates gun control is also advocating robbery, assault, rape, murder and genocide. It’s a package deal.

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