Raymond James Stadium

I like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ stadium the most of all the NFL stadiums.  Yes, it has a stupid name like they all do these days, but it has something none of the others have…

A great big pirate ship on one end:

Because in the Pirate versus Ninja debate, I’m all for the pirates!  Arrgggg….

Obviously I’m in Tampa.  A minor fiber optic cable FUBAR held things up today but I wasn’t planning on leaving until tomorrow afternoon and the contractor PROMISES he can have it fixed in the morning.

We’ll see.

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0 Responses to Raymond James Stadium

  1. Yeah, Raymond James is one of the nicer NFL stadiums I’ve been to. This season’s Super Bowl ought to be a blast.

  2. I have to agree, Raymond James stadium is one of the league’s best. Have you taken th stadium tour? It’s really well worth the price of admission. I have been on a quest to attend a game in every stadium in the NFL. You might check out my website when you get a chance.