Blogs and Friends

I have a few blog friends, people I’ve met through blogging. (And some of them I’ve even met in meatspace.)

I also have a few meatspace friends that know I have a blog.

Unfortunately, most of the people I know in meatspace are danes.

The meatspace friends just don’t get the blog thing.

And when I say they don’t get it, I mean they REALLY don’t get it.   (Blank looks and all)

On the other hand, my blog friends in addition to getting blogging (duh) also “get” other stuff, that the meatspace folks don’t.  Stuff like Twitter.   Try explaining Twitter to a normal.   It will make their heads explode.

So the funny thing is, the people I feel closest too are the ones the farthest away, most of whom I’ve never met IRL.

Welcome to the 21st Century, I guess.

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