More on Concealed Carry Holsters and Belts

aepilot_jim over at  Confessions of a Gun Toting Seagull has a post on concealment holsters and belts that matches what I’ve been saying on the subject.

“…I believe that the two best things you need for concealment are an appropriate belt and a well designed holster.”

Note the lack of the mention of a gun. For concealed carry, the gun is a distant third to the choice of belt and holster. If the belt/holster combo is too uncomfortable to wear all day, or won’t allow you to properly conceal the gun, then you won’t wear it. If you won’t wear it then it won’t be there when you need it. A .22 in the hand beats a .45 back at home in a drawer.

And since the measure of a man’s intelligence is how much he agrees with you, aepilot_jim is quite the intelligent fellow.

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  1. Aepilot_jim says:

    That’s the best yardstick for intelligence I’ve seen yet. Had me all a-twittering in my sofa.