Is it ignorance or lies?

Either way it’s more clulessness from across the pond.

“He [Prosecuting counsel John Price] went on to say Mac 10 sub-machine guns were military weapons used for the sole purpose of the “killing and maiming of human beings”.

What’s wrong with military weapons? Virtually every type of firearm has been used as a weapon by some army, from a black powder muzzle loader to a shotgun to a modern EBR. Characterizing a firearm as a military weapon is like saying cars have wheels.

Then he trots out that old lie, “sole purpose of the “killing and maiming of human beings”. I own an M11 SMG which is derived from the Mac 10. I’ve never killed or maimed anyone with it, and I’ve put tens of thousands of rounds through it. Clearly it has uses other than killing and maiming.

If I was in the jury box on this case and the prosecutor started telling obvious lies, I’d wonder what else he was lying about.

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