Why The TSA Sucks – Reason 326

TSA confiscates stuff that’s not dangerous.

Explosive-Like Item Intercepted at Checkpoint

For six long minutes on June 30, screening operations froze at Jackson-Evers International Airport’s West checkpoint in Mississippi as TSA investigated a suspicious item that appeared to be a bundle of explosives connected by wires to a cylinder.

Transportation Security Officer Scot Peele leveraged his training and experience when he detected the suspicious item while monitoring the X-ray image of the passenger’s carry-on bag.

The checkpoint area was immediately closed as Bomb Appraisal Officer Timothy D. Smith inspected the item and spoke with the passenger. The item in question was determined to be an empty metal bottle and a home-made battery pack, consisting of 28 rechargeable batteries connected by multiple resistors and held together in two layers with a silicone-based adhesive.

The passenger was an engineer and said he built the battery to power his DVD player for the long flight to Hawaii. After recognizing that the item could be seen by other passengers as a threat, the man surrendered it to Supervisory TSO Raiford Patterson and was allowed to board the flight.

“We must treat every suspicious item the same and utilize the tools we have available to make a final determination,” said Federal Security Director David Wynn. “Procedures are in place for a reason and this is a clear indication our workforce is doing a great job.”

I’d like an explanation of exactly how a home made battery pack is “Explosive-Like”.    In fact, what is explosive-like?   It’s either a bomb or it’s not.  If it’s not, then who cares?

And then they brag about confiscating this not dangerous item on the TSA website.


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  1. Peter-F&F says:

    Brilliant work! He “leveraged his training and experience” to find something that wasn’t a threat! I wish I was that trained and experienced…

  2. George_TSA says:

    well, first of all, the poster and the person that replied before me are idiots.

    “its either a bomb or its not” … you need to expand your tiny little brain and realize maybe 1 passenger brings a component of a bomb while another brings an explosive, then they meet in the bathroom once in the check point and put it together.

    TSA is doing a great job, and the fact that the Bomb Appraisal Officer desided to clear the Terminal ..must mean it really really looked legit, (Appraisal Officers are not TSA they usually are 10+ years law enforcement officers )

    Point is… Get to the airport 2-3 hours before your flight, realize that everyday TSA stops weapons from getting onboard . TSA is the reason why nothing major has happened on a flight since 9/11

  3. Don Gwinn says:

    This ought to be good. OK, George, I’ll bite: what major incident on a flight did the TSA prevent? Who did they catch and what was he trying to do?

    I call bullshit, by the way.

  4. Stingray says:

    “TSA is the reason why nothing major has happened on a flight since 9/11”

    Yeah, nice catch stopping the shoe-bomber. I’m just glad TSA didn’t confiscate the belts the passengers restrained the guy with when they stopped him.

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  6. TSABLOWS says:

    I understand what George_TSA is saying about bombs being brought it one piece at a time no one is going to bring in a fully assembled bomb unless they are the TSA training department. George face it the TSA sucks they find guns and knifes sure but those are passengers that simply forgot they had those items in their bags. The TSA has not and will not save the day if someone really chooses to ruin the day. remeber this FUCKTSA

  7. jbeck says:

    No No No TSA is the biggest government joke out there!!!!!!!!! It is a dog show just to make the american public feel safe. Are they trained with how to subdue a suspect? Are hey trained to handle a weapon? Are they even trained to understand the complexities or simplicities of an explosive or detonator? Why did they have to change there uniforms to resemble that of a real law enforcement agency? The answers to all these questions is because they are a waste of tax payers money and a friggin joke………

  8. Ray says:

    TSA is a loose cannon government organization with nobody at the helm as they routinely trample the idea that the U.S. is a free society. Acting Administrator Gayle Rossides is a lame duck (ACTING Administrator) who allows others in the organization to run it in step with the Gestapo. No explanation for their actions, since revealing those reasons would be compromising “sensitive security information.” So, they do as they damn well please. NOW we get the TSA goobers checking IDs JUST before you get on the plane. PLEASE!!!! WTF danger is my driver’s license to an airplane?!?!?! ID checks are ***NOT*** security. They ARE however, “security theater” – something TSA **EXCELS** at. So, if a person were to get a weapon past security, and then these goobers check his ID at the gate – WHAT is the point? TSA operates as if the country is currently under overt attack. Remember the movies like “Firefox” that were set in the old USSR? The public places all had armed guards walking around, shadowy figures walked up to terrified citizens asking, “Your papers, please.” THAT’S what this country has evolved into, courtesy of the TSA being handed a blank check to do as the please. If we’ve got all this whizz-bang Star Wars technology being laid out for screening everyone, why is TSA in my face all the time? It’s high time for TSA to fade to the background and just stick to harassing honest citizens at the checkpoint. And please – President Obama, Secretary Napolitano – appoint a REAL leader of TSA, one who actually will run the damn place.

  9. mark ash says:

    TSA is a royal joke, no training no supervision whatsoever.

    Just last week at Detroit’s metro airport I watched a 40ish lady with 2 kids get stuck in the useless metal detector for over 10 minutes, next the incompetents tried to use the hand wand to zero the search which went on for another 10 minutes, all the time her children were standing there crying on the other side of the metal detector and not one useless official would consul them.

    These ba@#$%ds left the children alone crying on the other side of the detector while they tried to find a female TSA official to help with the search.

    All the while I made it thru the insecurity checkpoint with a laptop, 2 FRS two wat radios with loose battery packs, 2 coiled radio speaker mics and a battery charger that I was expecting TSA to ask me about which never occurred it was then that I realized they have absolutely no plan, everything is done off the cuff.

  10. Bret says:

    George_TSA is an assmonkey!

    The theory of multiple people carrying bomb components is erroneous for one reason: somebody still has to get EXPLOSIVES on board, you f***ing twit. You can carry batteries, switches, and relays on the plane all day long, and they have no viability without a detonator and some explosive compound to detonate.

    Once again, the TSA is simply giving the appearance of doing something, while actually doing jack sh*t to protect us.

    F*** you, George!

  11. Tim says:

    I hate flying because of TSA. This guy slams TSA


  12. Tim says:

    For a good laugh about TSA watch Joe Boss talk about them

    I thought it was funny

  13. Bryan says:

    The reality is that most of the TSA morons are just happy to be working at a job that doesn’t require them to wear hair nets.

    TSA is completely useless and drives me nuts. Since when has a white 35 year old CEO crashed a commercial jet into a building? I get harrassed almost every week by TSA while I watch the turbin wearing Muslim looking male skip on through the check point. It’s ridiculous!

    Another funny story…. I watch a TSA goon berate a family for carrying water in their babies bottle to the check point and holding up the line. This same goon then proceeded to dump the three bottles of water in the trash can at the check
    point…… Uh??? Hello??? Isn’t the whole point of not allowing liquids to avoid someone mixing together a chemical to blow stuff up. Well great now all a terrorist needs to do is bring a few bottles to the check point and let te TSA goons mix it for them…. And boom the terminal is gone.

    Boy, I am sure glad TSA is on the job!

  14. Wally F says:

    I saw another good vid about TSA by Joe Boss,

    Ya, TSAdoes suck. The video shows how usless TSA really is.