only ones not meticulous about storing guns

Borrowing the “only one” meme from David Codrea:

Fort Smith Police Captain’s daughter accidently [sic] shot with father’s gun

Fortunately it looks like the little girl will live, but here’s the stupid part:

Capt. David Overton says that Ranells is a certified firearms instructor, and meticulous about storing his weapon safely.

The guy’s daughter got access to the gun and shot herself. Q. E. D., he wasn’t meticulous about storing his weapon safely.

“This shows that it can happen to anyone… even if you don’t own a handgun, your child may go to someone’s house where there is a gun, and they need to be taught firearms safety for those situations,” says Overton.

Absolutely, all children should be taught firearm safety.

But what do you think he’d be saying if Ranells wasn’t an “only one”?

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