For once, I was ahead of the curve.

Growing trend: Wives deciding to not work.

Dr. Scott Haltzman, author of “The Secrets of Happily Married Women,” says stay-at-home wives constitute a growing niche. “In the past few years, many women who are well educated and trained for career tracks have decided instead to stay at home,” he says. While his research is ongoing, he estimates that more than 10 percent of the 650 women he’s interviewed who choose to stay home are childless.

When I started making a significantly higher income than my wife, we decided that she didn’t have to work full time any more. It was mostly her decision, but we were both a lot happier. That was over fifteen years ago, and when our daughter arrived (Via de stoik, ya know) in 2000, there was no worry about lost income or finding day care. In our case it’s worked out well.

Of course if she’d stayed in the full time work force we could have nearly double the income we have now, but at what cost?

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