The Only Ones killing innocents.

Yet another reason to end the “War On Drugs”

An “Only One” shot an unarmed mother holding her baby during a drug raid.

A white police officer was acquitted Monday in the drug-raid shooting death of an unarmed black woman that set off protests about how police treat minorities in a city where one in four residents is black.

The all-white jury found Sgt. Joseph Chavalia not guilty of misdemeanor charges of negligent homicide and negligent assault. He had faced up to eight months in jail if convicted of both counts.

Chavalia shot 26-year-old Tarika Wilson and her year-old son she was holding, killing her and hitting him in the shoulder and hand, during a Jan. 4 SWAT raid on her house. One of the child’s fingers had to be amputated.

But it gets worse:

Defense attorney Bill Kluge told jurors Monday that Chavalia should not be judged on what wasn’t known until after shooting, including the fact that Wilson did not have a gun or pose a threat.

So we have no idea that innocent people are often killed during drug raids? That raids are frequently carried out on innocent people or people that don’t pose a threat? Those facts aren’t known?

What rock has Defense attorney Bill Kluge been living under the past few years?

How many more innocent people are going to have to die at the hands of stormtroopers before we stop this police state nonsense?

Via The War On Guns

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