Boat Cleaning Day

It’s not THAT big of a boat, a Catalina 27, but it’s big enough that a thorough cleaning takes me most of a day. Hopefully I won’t be to tired to take it out for a sail this evening after the cleaning is done.

That’s a rare sight: The Bottom.  I had it out of the water last year for new bottom paint.

Not that big, until you start the washing and waxing.  Then it’s HUGE.

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0 Responses to Boat Cleaning Day

  1. Ride Fast says:

    Sweet. I hate maintenance, it always grows into much more than whatever I started to do.

  2. DirtCrashr says:

    I hate you and your Catalina-27! Damn I was just reading about an “Ericson 27 in Good Old Boat” – and a Tanzer 23 or something… Damn, I have a puddle in which to splash a rented dinghy.