Stupid TSA Tricks – Propaganda Department

I’m not a big fan of the TSA and they’re a frequent subject of mockery here.

So I can’t pass up the opportunity to mock a comment left by “George_TSA” on a previous post.

well, first of all, the poster and the person that replied before me are idiots.

Way to win friends with the public there George_TSA. That attitude is why the TSA is despised by the traveling public.

“its either a bomb or its not” … you need to expand your tiny little brain and realize maybe 1 passenger brings a component of a bomb while another brings an explosive, then they meet in the bathroom once in the check point and put it together.

But I thought the crack TSA agents at the checkpoints could stop all those explosives from getting on the plane? You mean they can’t?

TSA is doing a great job, and the fact that the Bomb Appraisal Officer desided to clear the Terminal ..must mean it really really looked legit, (Appraisal Officers are not TSA they usually are 10+ years law enforcement officers )

Way to rewrite history there George_TSA. The bomb appraisal officer was the one who told the crack TSA agent that it was just batteries. If the bomb appraisal officer thought there was a real threat the place would have been shut down longer than six minutes.

Point is… Get to the airport 2-3 hours before your flight, realize that everyday TSA stops weapons from getting onboard . TSA is the reason why nothing major has happened on a flight since 9/11

OK, now you’re just being silly. The TSA confiscates water and makes sure everyone shares their athlete’s foot with each other. Since the TSA has been “on the job” there has been no effective change in security at airports compared to pre 9/11. If anything security is worse because the TSA is too busy wasting time and money on security theater.

UPDATE: Welcome DHS readers!

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