Your Friendly Neighborhood Terrorist

The story the MSM just doesn’t want anyone to know about:

Obama’s ties to terrorism.

Specifically, his long relationship with American Terrorist, Bill Ayers

Any plausible link between a Republican presidential candidate and someone like Eric Robert Rudolph or Timothy McViegh would unleash a torrent of feverish reporting from the mainstream media, detailing every nuance and every possible shadowy link between them. The New York Times, however, stubbornly sits on a treasure trove of their original reporting that captured the facts and circumstances of the leftist bombs that exploded in a Greenwich Village bomb factory 38 years ago.

They have spent an untold amount of time, money, and resources to send reporters to the other end of the continent to report every possible thinly sourced or blatantly fraudulent rumor about Sarah Palin and John McCain. But The Democratic nominee for president has close personal ties to a well-known terrorist and they can’t be bothered to send an intern down the hall into their own archives to develop a report about Barack Obama’s partner, Bill Ayers.

If you had doubts that the media is in Obama’s pocket, the MSM silence on this story is all the proof you need.

UPDATE: More here.

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  1. DirtCrashr says:

    He’s not just any terrorist, he’s “their” terrorist from the good-old-days of classic rock.